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I’m talking about hydrological fracturing (fracking).  The quickest way to U.S. energy independence.  Encourage it, monitor it, make frackers (fund to say) pay if real evidence of ground water contamination shows up.  Natural gas, and liquified natural gas should be a key piece of the new energy economy!   And it would do wonders for the U.S. economy: high-paying jobs, cheaper energy, cleaner energy.


Remember when Pres. Obama and the Congress said we needed an emergency$787 Billion stimulus plan?  It would keep unemployment below 8.5% and revitalized the economy (American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009).

Well its 2011 and unemployment has and continues to be above 8.5%.

Are you feeling stimulated?   I’m not.

It took me almost two hours to transfer funds from my bank (business account) to a online brokerage account.  Talking to the expert at the bank I learned that the ability to make ACH transfers required an upgraded account with monthly fees.  Fine, I said just wire the funds and take a $20.
So much different than my friendly credit union.  Too bad they don’t offer small business banking.

Well its official (mostly).  The rescue bill passes and boy does it smell of swine.

Hi, I am a WordPress fan and have been using it for months on my financial blog.   I’ve do a lot with WordPress including 42 blog post at my site, but I still haven’t gotten the hang of trackbacks.  Google Web Master Tools complains by saying:

404 (Not found)

So I’m a bit baffled by that. Other than that clear lack of understanding (in spite of much research). I’m not sure if or even how to turn trackbacks off. I’d rather just fix them.. if the fault is mine and not Google’s.

That said, I’m a huge WP fan. I can hack the code and templates with reasonable success and love the interface. WP makes blogging fun and easy.

Welcome to This is your first post. Yay! I’m blogging. 🙂

Sorry for the brevity. I’ll babble on more soon….